Our focus in using quality ingredients and providing quality services leaves every customer satisfied with a pleasant Asian cuisine experience.

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Our chefs are constantly bringing complexity to their dishes,
giving enticing flavours that will make your mouth water!


We proudly offer an easy and efficient delivery service, so you can enjoy the eclectic flavours of our kitchen in the comfort of your own home.

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100% High Quality Ingredients

We believe in creating appetizing dishes, using nothing but high quality ingredients, after all Chinese cuisine is known for its vibrant colours and enticing flavours driven from fresh ingredients and aromatic spices.

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We present you our popular dishes, not only do they taste amazing, they also look amazing!

We believes in creating appetizing dishes, after all Chinese cuisine is known for its vibrant colours, enticing aroma, and big flavours! We would like to extend our invitation to you, to the Ancom Experience. Starting with our beautiful photo gallery.

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Ancom chefs are rich with culinary experiences,
and had been polishing their crafts extensively.


They are dedicated in creating quality dishes, by utilizing fresh ingredients with best cooking methods to maximize the taste.


Our chefs are constantly bringing more excitements and complexities to our cuisine, giving the food enticing flavours
that will make your mouth water!


Customer Reviews

 5/5 Stars “Super friendly, great Chinese food if you want an easy dinner at home” --Matthew P.  4/5 Stars “We have been going here for over 15 years. Food has always been good. Various owners so food quality has fluctuated. Was extremely delicious when Gloria was running it 15 years ago. She left probably 10 years ago and the food suffered a little. With the new owners the food is getting better!” --Gerry M.  4/5 Stars “This place has great food, and the wings are so good and soup is also nice. I have tried most of the food and I like it. My family also loves the food, and the people welcome when you come in and that's what makes it a great place.” --Mahendra D. 4/5 Stars “I love their food. I always order take-out so I'm not sure what the restaurant is like but their food is delicious! I've tried their fried rice of any kind, General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Deep Fried Chicken Wings, Deep Fried Chicken Balls, Spring Rolls, Szechuan Noodles, Veggie Mix, etc.” --Theresa F.  4/5 Stars “Tried it out and the reviews were right. Good portion for a decent price. It looks deceiving outside but once you go inside its surprisingly clean. The waiter who served us really took care of us. Try it out. :) ” --Kelvin B.  5/5 Stars “Amazing staff! I ordered the Singapore Rice Noodle, and the Tofu and Vegetables on rice. The gentleman at the front was pleasant and very patient as I decided what to get. When I requested no shrimp in my Singapore Noodles (as I'm a vegetarian), and asked for tofu as the replacement, he said no problem and put my order through. As I was waiting I realized that there was pork (from the picture) that I didn't notice before! I timidly went up and asked if there was indeed pork, to which he answered "yes". I asked if it was possible to make a fresh one (even though the food was about to be brought out!) and he said no problem and made a fresh batch of noodles for me! I didn't except them to add the tofu to the second batch, but to my pleasant surprise they did! Such a great vibe, very home-based and it was DELICIOUS!!! Some of the best Chinese food I've had, and I'm very picky about flavour! My bf and I split the two boxes to try both, and everything was amazing, PLUS they added free wonton dessert treats to our order too! Definitely will be going back! Thank you again for the patience, delicious food, and smile as I collected my things, a true delight!” --T. H.  5/5 Stars “I am absolutely in love with this place. I put in an order 15 minutes ago over the phone and it came just now, piping hot and delicious. You get free perks and discounts if you pay by cash, everyone is really nice and the food itself is cheap but total quality. We just keep on coming back, definitely recommend it--you'll be obsessed with those free wontons and seafood chow mein!!!” --Michelle N.

Chinese Restaurant

Ancom Chinese Restaurant is the go-to spot for hungry diners in Etobicoke over the years with our combination of a large and diverse Chinese food menu with some Thai-influenced recipes. We also proudly offer an easy and efficient delivery service, so you can enjoy the eclectic flavours of our kitchen in the comfort of your own home.


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834 The Queensway

Etobicoke, ON

M8Z 1N5

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Mon - Thur   11 : 30 - 22 : 00


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